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Have you noticed poor air quality in your home? The problem often stems from dirty or blocked ventilation systems and can be extremely dangerous for your health. All of the air in your home passes through your HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning system. Once there, the air picks up any residue in the system, and is recirculated back through your home and into your lungs.

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Causes of Poor Air Quality

The following contaminants may be in your HVAC system:

  • Dust
  • Pet dander and insects, live or dead
  • Dust mites
  • Construction/remodeling dust
  • Potential microorganisms from moisture issues in the house
  • Mold spores being spread from room-to-room
  • Bacteria from the bathrooms and basement
  • Decomposed rodents
  • Bio-films of various substances

In short, whatever gets into your house can end up in the ductwork. No matter how good you are at housekeeping, you can’t clean an HVAC system without professional help.

If you’re unsure if you should have your ventilation system checked, read our Air Duct Cleaning Checklist to find out.

Cleaning Duct Work

Some companies only clean portions of the ductwork, but we at RESTORx believe the entire system must be cleaned in order to improve air purity. Using NADCA standards, RESTORx hand washes everything within reach, and uses brushes and air whips to clean the inaccessible places. We use state of the art, HEPA filtered, negative-air pressure vacuums to clean everything inside the HVAC system.


How long does it take to clean my ductwork?

Most homes can have their entire system completed in one day. You do not have to be home while we clean and we offer this service year round.

Will duct cleaning save me money on my utility bills?

Maybe, but probably not significantly. Air duct cleaning is typically done to improve indoor air quality. Most systems are not blocked but usually have light layers of debris/residue inside the ductwork. Besides improving the indoor air quality, cleaning the system should make your air-conditioning more efficient, and your blower should also run more efficiently.

What Make RESTORx Unique?

We are the only company that does all of the repairs and cleaning with our own personnel. Don’t worry about juggling contractors from multiple companies, we have staff trained in every area.

Trust RESTORx to take care of your air duct cleaning in a timely and thorough manner. We are dedicated to educating our employees with the most current practices and technologies in the industry. We are the only company that can guarantee 100% odor removal.