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Guaranteed Smoke Odor Removal

Despite what most people think, smoke odor can be totally removed with 100% guaranteed results. RESTORx can remove the odor without covering the smell up with another odor (masking) and we can remove it without discarding everything with smoke odor. Our company uses the 3-step UnSMoke System which allows us to give a 100% odor …


Learn how to prevent water pipes from freezing, and what to do if they do freeze. During the cold winter months, broken pipes can occur after the water inside them has frozen. After the water thaws in the broken pipe, the water will leak or spray out continuously and can result in significant water damage …

What Our Customers Have To Say...

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"I felt compelled to write this letter for numerous reasons, first and foremost to share my experience with choosing RESTORx to repair the soot damage to my home. I could write a book to express my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding job Restorx did in taking a soot filled house and restoring it to Continue Reading

Judy Hamilton February 8, 2016

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