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Fight the Flu! Clean Your Ducts.

Fight the Flu! Clean Your Ducts.

Is Your HVAC system spreading germs? It’s hard to directly relate flu viruses and colds to dirty air duct systems. However, it is proven that poor indoor air quality can exasperate those conditions. Dust inside the ductwork can harbor dust mites, mold, allergens, animal dander and malodors. Did you experience an event that could have …


Learn how to prevent water pipes from freezing, and what to do if they do freeze. During the cold winter months, broken pipes can occur after the water inside them has frozen. After the water thaws in the broken pipe, the water will leak or spray out continuously and can result in significant water damage …

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"It's a BIG HIT! Thank you all for such a GREAT JOB! My In-Laws and our entire family loved all the work that your team did to RESTORE our Lake House! From the way you folded and boxed all of our clothes, to the terrific remodeling from wood, tile, and more,from the many phone calls Continue Reading

Thad Gentry February 8, 2016

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