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Trauma Scene Cleanup

What is a trauma scene? Normally a trauma scene cleanup involves cleaning up body fluids after a murder or suicide. However it can include many other things such as a death that was not discovered in a timely manner where body fluids were discharged or even a natural death where body fluids were discharged. These …

Storm Damage

When you get hit by a storm, there can be a lot of damage such as: missing shingles, complete roofs torn off, blown-off siding, hail damage, doors blown-off, power lines down, trees on buildings, or maybe all of the above. Now what? You need to take reasonable steps to minimize the loss such as; Boarding …

What Our Customers Have To Say...

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"Couldn’t be happier with the work and staff that did it. You were quick efficient and neat. Kudos to you and staff."

Joyce Jankovec February 8, 2016

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