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"Thank you for the fine work! Your people were great to work with and a joy to have at tour house. Special Thanks to Tim, Andy, and Kim."

February 20, 2019

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"I want to complement the three guys you have working out there. They are so pleasant to work with!! I have work alongside many contractors in my time and they seem to think they are superior and don't want to be bothered by a lowly painter. Your guys are awesome to work around as they have repeatedly bent over backward to help us out. Good Job!"

February 8, 2016

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"I felt compelled to write this letter for numerous reasons, first and foremost to share my experience with choosing RESTORx to repair the soot damage to my home.

I could write a book to express my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding job Restorx did in taking a soot filled house and restoring it to a beautiful "new" home. Initially I had two "other" contractors come to my home to assess the black substance that I was seeing everywhere on my walls, ceiling etc., and both informed me that they thought I had mold. Because they said they "thought" I had mold, I decided to call an expert who could not only tell me what the real problem was, but could in turn help me to get rid of it. I decided to call RESTORx.....

I was amazed when Tim, an estimator with RESTORx was not only able to identify my problem with just a short description I shared, but he was able to describe with great detail exactly what I was seeing in my home, In addition, Tim was instrumental in helping the insurance company understand that the source of the damage was my furnace, and in turn walked the insurance estimator through each room identifying how much damage actually occurred.

The process of having your home restored from soot damage is not an easy process for someone like myself, who could be described as a bit OCD when it comes to cleanliness and organization, however, the Production Manager who handled my claim was meticulous in his assessment of everything that needed to be completed. He put my uneasiness to rest with his continuous communication with me throughout the entire process, and by assigning outstanding staff members to clean and paint my home. The cleaning crew was headed by Jason, and he was excellent! Each item throughout my ENTIRE home was carefully handled, cleaned and packed in process. Not an inch of my home was left untouched. RESTORx cleaned EVERYTHING!

When the cleaning process was over, the next step was the painting and you assigned a painter who I can only describe as the "Michael Angelo" of interior home painting. Theresa was amazing!!! She was the icing on the cake, the decorator of the decade, the "bend my knees, I love it!" Person who transformed my house into a dream home. Theresa didn't just listen to my color ideas; she put my personality and her expertise on my walls! The accuracy of each line, the color coordination of each room and even hand stenciling was done. In addition, her friendly sidekick Duke who painted, hung blinds, removed and replaced outlet covers etc. was a pleasure to work with.

I just want to say a huge thank you to the managers and all of the staff members, with RESTORx for doing an outstanding job of restoring my home from soot damage. I would HIGHLY recommend RESTORx for any restoration job!"

Judy Hamilton February 8, 2016

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"Thank you for coming to my rescue so fast. All of you treat me so great. Special Thanks to Vern and I can't say enough good about Kevin. Did a great job as usual and shorter time than he figured. You are all Angels."

Barb Sweitzer February 8, 2016

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"Thanks for your prompt action. My basement is clean and safe. If you need a recommendation let me know. I also let West Bend Know how professional and good you are."

Jeri Stohecker February 8, 2016

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"It's a BIG HIT! Thank you all for such a GREAT JOB! My In-Laws and our entire family loved all the work that your team did to RESTORE our Lake House! From the way you folded and boxed all of our clothes, to the terrific remodeling from wood, tile, and more,from the many phone calls to the office staff, to Steve's insulation plan to make the lower level warm and cozy -- which it is, from the interaction with State Farm, and to your unlimited patience. . .THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!"

Thad Gentry February 8, 2016

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"I want you to know that we were completely satisfied with everything that took place with Gitz-Meier during the water and fire damage at our home. One call did it all. We felt everyone worked with us in a very co-operative way. We did hear some feedback comments like this from your people, which made us feel good: “Wish there were more people like the Schobers to work with.” We also appreciated your personal interest in what was going on with our job. These days, that doesn’t always happen.
We also want to thank you for your personal concern on our behalf. You have come by, called, listened, and encouraged.

Your people were there very soon after each call and they have all worked hard to get things done. For service like that there are few words that can be said. Everyone has been helpful, courteous, and willing to work with us being around."

Ted Schober February 8, 2016

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"Couldn’t be happier with the work and staff that did it. You were quick efficient and neat. Kudos to you and staff."

Joyce Jankovec February 8, 2016