Storm Damage Restoration

When you get hit by a storm, there can be a lot of damage such as: missing shingles, complete roofs torn off, blown-off siding, hail damage, doors blown-off, power lines down, trees on buildings, or  maybe all of the above.

Storm Damage, Now what?

You need to take reasonable steps to minimize the loss such as;

1.    Boarding up windows and doors to keep people out

2.    Covering the roof or immediate repairs to prevent moisture intrusion.

3.    Get trees and limbs off of buildings.

4.    Make certain the heat is working in the winter

5.    Winterize the plumbing if heat is not going to be fixed quickly.

6.    If things gets wet from rain, it needs to be dried out quickly.

7.    Move the good stuff out that needs immediate attention

8.    Call RESTORx 24/7 - we can handle all of these things. 815.235.9606

*If you don’t take these steps, your Insurance Company can deny some/all of your loss.

Some of the things we can do to help you:

We do all of the temporary repairs, reconstruction, and cleaning with our own award-winning personnel. We are the only company that does that! You do not have to work with a lot of contractors.

What happens if we need you at night or on a week-end?

You can call us anytime. We are available 24/7 to help you with these difficult issues.