Odor Damage Removal

RESTORx is the ONLY restoration company in the country to guarantee 100% odor removal!

When a bad smell wafts through the house, most people try to eliminate the odor themselves. Unfortunately, many odors are much more difficult to remove and may keep coming back if not properly handled. Every odor requires a different elimination process and is best left to an odor specialist. Trust RESTORx to rid your home of unpleasant smells for good!

Types of Odor

Odors can start from a number of places -- water damage, mold & mildew, smoke and soot damage, animals, decomposition, and more. Because every material absorbs odor differently, the process of eliminating the smell depends on the surface it has affected.

Odor is an extremely extensive topic that can get pretty technical. If you’re interested in learning more about odor and removing it, you should check out our blog posts, The Nose Knows and Odor Be-Gone.

Smoke & Soot Odors

Many people think that smoke and soot odors are nearly impossible to remove but with the proper experience and tools, we at RESTORx have been extremely effective at removing these tricky odors. With over 25+ years of experience in the field, we are smoke odor specialists you can count on!

Mold Odors

If you notice a water leak or see mold growth, make sure to have mold odor specialists check out your home. Mold damage can spread quickly and if not taken care of properly, can be dangerous to your health.

RESTORx follows a comprehensive restoration program to guarantee your home is completely free of bad odors.

What Makes RESTORx Unique

We are the only company that does all of the odor removal services with our own personnel. Don’t worry about juggling contractors from multiple companies, we have staff trained in every area.

Trust RESTORx to take care of your odor removal in a timely and thorough manner. We are dedicated to educating our employees with the most current practices and technologies in the industry. We are the only company that can guarantee 100% odor removal.