(a heating climate is where you spend more money on heating your home in the winter than money spent cooling your home in the summer)

Bath fans are an important part of ridding a house of excessive moisture that accumulates in the wet bathroom environment. Not only must they be installed and vented properly, they must be used. Our company prefers to wire them to the light switch so that the exhaust fan must be used each time the room is used. Another excellent suggestion is to install them on a timer that allows the fan to run an additional 15 minutes after leaving the room.

Bath fans must be vented to the “atmosphere”. That means that each exhaust vent has it’s own dedicated vent, venting directly to the exterior of the building. This is normally done by installing a vent that is similar in appearance to a “mushroom” vent, but smaller, and is installed through the roof of the house. The ductwork of the exhaust is fastened directly to the exhaust vent. It is not considered proper to vent the exhaust into the attic, or into the overhang of the house. Improper venting can cause the moist air vented from the house to be routed directly into the attic causing rot and mold problems.

*All of the above information is trademarked and is the property of RESTORx. We feel it is the most current and accurate information available but we do not guarantee it be the only proper solution. Written by Stephen Gitz, CR, WLS, CMP

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