Guaranteed Smoke Odor Removal

Despite what most people think, smoke odor can be totally removed with 100% guaranteed results. RESTORx can remove the odor without covering the smell up with another odor (masking) and we can remove it without discarding everything with smoke odor. Our company uses the 3-step UnSMoke System which allows us to give a 100% odor removal guarantee.


Odor is simple to understand if you break it down. Odor comes in 2 forms: we can have odor from gasses and we can have odor from small microscopic particulate. In a typical fire damaged building we have 3 ounces of odor. 1) Charred items can continually off gas smoke odor 2) smoke odor gasses that have already off gassed into the building, and 3) smoke particulate that is in the air.


  1. We deal with the charred items first by encapsulating the charred areas with a clear encapsulant to stop further off gassing. This is a water-based product with no sheen so you don’t even see it and it is not a paint or shellac product. The formula is mixed using neutralizing products specific to the particular odor we are combatting.
  2. Next we attack the gasses that have escaped using a gaseous neutralizer. This neutralizer is placed on horizontal surfaces that are low in the rooms, usually on the floor. By using a gas to combat another gas, we can neutralize the gaseous odors. This ;product uses no liquids and leaves no residue.
  3. Finally, we attack the smoke particulate that is remaining by neutralizing the particle itself. In order to neutralize a microscopic particle, we need to create an even smaller particle that contains a neutralizer. To accomplish this, we thermally heat an odor neutralizer that we choose to work on the particular odor we are trying neutralize. Then we pass it through a ULV nozzle to create our own particulate that is smaller than the smoke odor particle itself. Once this is accomplished, we have eliminated about 95% of the smoke odor and this is done at the beginning of the project. Usually before even any
  4. demolition has occurred. The remaining odor goes away during th normal restoration process using odor neutralizers in the cleaning solutuions that are specific to the type of odor we are dealing with.

What makes RESTORx Unique?

RESTORx is the only company that guarantees 100% smoke odor removal. By understanding the above system and using all 3 steps we can successfully remove the smoke odor from damage items. Of course you can discard everything with smoke odor and get rid of it that way, but that isn’t cost effective and makes the restoration project drag on.

Due to the immediate response required for fire damage restoration, smoke odor removal, boardup services, etc., we are available 24/7 by calling 815.235.9606