The Dirty Truth Behind Air Quality

Most people think that simply cleaning their air ducts will help them breathe easier. Don’t be fooled! If your home has indoor air problems like mold, bacteria, or dust, then cleaning your air ducts is only the first step. Any contaminants that escape from your ductwork still pose a risk to your health. But there is a cure!

To get rid of those unwanted contaminants, you need to thoroughly clean and disinfect your carpet. At RESTORx, we clean using a product called Medi-Clean. This exclusive product is the only known disinfecting cleaner that will destroy every possible mold, bacteria, micro-organism, and even blood-borne pathogens in your carpeting. What makes it unique? It destroys all the contaminants without doing any harm to your carpeting.

If you want a total solution to your indoor air problems, call RESTORx to learn more about our exclusive Medi-Clean system.