Continuing Education Courses

RESTORx proudly sponsors one day seminars are certified by the ILLINOIS and WISCONSIN Insurance Division. Licensed agent participants will receive 8 hours of continuing education credit for successful completion of each of these courses with the exception of Ethics requires only 3 hours.

Insurance Professional

Spring 2017 CE classes:

  1. April 4  –ETHICS CLASS – 3 HR. – Ethical Agents Role in Loss Reduction – runs from 1 PM to 4 PM. Includes snacks at break time. Registration is from 12:30 PM to 1 PM.This Course is intended for Insurance Agents, Property Insurance Adjuster and Property claims handlers. This is a basic level course with extensive material covered in about 3 hours. This class is a condensed version of our Principles of Fire and Water Damage Class with more emphasis on how the Agent can affect the successful outcome of a claim. If the insurance professional takes this course seriously, they will know more about property damage restoration than most Insurance Professionals and many restoration contractors.                                                                                                                                                                                                   The class will be kept interesting by having a “show and “tell” type venue with some demonstrations and equipment. Instruction will be semi-informal, and attire will be casual.
  2. April 5 – Building Construction and Estimating – 8 HR*                                                                                                     This course is intended for Insurance Agents, Property Insurance Adjusters and Building Managers. The intent is to instruct  Insurance Professionals in becoming knowledgeable in how all the building components fit together, why the pieces are needed and how the pieces affect the other pieces. Once the student understands how these components make a building system, they can use this information for many things. Such as : How to differentiate between poor construction practices and a legitimate claim, how to talk to contractors and building owners on the same level to find alternative ways to make repairs and to improve customer service between agents and their insured by understanding their clients property.                                                                                                                                                                                                           + The  second part of this course (Estimating) will help the insurance professional better understand how to understand a contractors estimate, how to identify valid considerations that affect the price of repairs and to let them feel comfortable to write estimates themselves.  The instruction will be informal and there will be some hands-on experience with the different building components.  The attire will be casual, as the students may get somewhat dirty.
  3. April 6 – Advanced Moisture in Buildings – 8 HR*                                                                                                                       Water/moisture problems are likely the largest destroyer of today’s build environment. Not only do moisture problems cause severe decay to the buildings, but they are often accompanied by potential health problems due to excessive mold and bacterial growth. These issues are escalating due to declining quality construction practices and building materials.  Meanwhile, our population is becoming more health conscious than ever before.                                                                       Some of these moisture issues are covered under the insurance policy and some are not.  The intent of this course is to educate the Insurance Professional so they can quickly determine if the moisture issues are suspected to be resulting from poor construction practices or if they can be claim-related.  This will also raise awareness levels when inspecting properties for potential insurability.
  4. April 12 – Principles of Fire and Water Damage Restoration – 8 HR*                                                                               This course is intended for Insurance Agents, Property Insurance Adjusters and Property Claims Handlers. The intent is to instruct Insurance Professionals in the theory, objectives and limitations in fire and water damage restoration. When the professional understands how things are damaged, the properties of the affected materials and the restoration methods available, they can adapt this theory to almost anything in fire and water damage losses.                                                            This is a basic course with extensive material covered in one day. If the Insurance Professional takes this course seriously, they will know more about fire and water damage restoration than most contractors in the restoration business. The class will be kept interesting by having a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. Instruction will be informal and attire will be casual, as the students will likely get somewhat dirty.
  5. April 13 – Principles of Mold Damage – 8 HR*                                                                                                                             This course is intended for Insurance Agents, Property Insurance Adjuster and Building Managers. The intent is to instruct Insurance Professionals in how to inspect for mold, learn how mold damage occurs, how to remediate the mold damages and how to identify when it is a covered loss.  There is a lot of misunderstandings in mold related issues and this course is designed to identify and simplify these issues in an easy to understand format.                                                             This is a summary type course designed to present advanced mold information in a basic level of instruction.  There will be extensive material covered in one day. If the class participant takes this course seriously, they will know more about mold claims and remediation than most remediation contractors and Insurance Professionals

*Each 8 HR class runs from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with registration and continental breakfast starting at 7:30 AM. Lunch will be provided and beverages will be available throughout the day.

These classes now qualify for Wisconsin Continued Education credit as well as Illinois.

We received an education grant again this year and can offer each of these classes for $25 each for those in the Insurance Industry. Attendees outside of the Insurance Industry pay $120 to $150, depending on the class. The Ethics class is $25 and do not have a grant. Members of IAMIC are eligible for a scholarship to pay for expenses. For info go to

The 8 HR classes include; Continental breakfast, lunch, course book, and snacks throughout the day. The Ethics class does not include a course book. The “Ethics” class includes a mid-afternoon snack. All classes include registration with the Dept of Insurance.

Each class come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Four of the classes are 8 hour classes. (The ethics class is a 3 hour class) Our classes include state-of-the-art information and are unbiased. To register, call Lorrie at 815.235.9606 numbers below or e-mail at  for further information. These classes currently now qualify for IL  and WI Dept. of Insurance Continued Education credit.

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