After a fire or other damage to your home or building, you will need boardup and emergency service. This term can apply to boarding up windows and doors, holes in walls such as an auto collision, tarping or patching a roof that is blown off or burnt, shoring up walls and roofs to prevent collapse, and numerous others. Boardups are needed to protect the property from further damage as well as several other reasons:

  • Protect your property from intruders.
  • Protect your property from the elements such as rain, snow, and freezing.
  • To protect yourself from liability in case somebody enters your property and gets hurt.
  • Every insurance policy has a provision stating that it is the owners responsibility to protect the property from further damage from a covered peril and if they neglect to do so, the claim can be denied. The policy also states that the Insurance Company will pay all reasonable costs for these services.
 Exterior Boardup
Exterior Boardup
Interior fire boardup
Not only does the Insurance Company require boardups to protect from further damage, there are other things required to minimize damage as well such as:
  • Water extraction and drying in the event of a broken pipe or roof leak.
  • Providing emergency heat in the event of a heating system malfunction in the winter time.
  • Providing temporary electric as needed if is needed to occupy the building or keep the property from freezing.
  • Freeze proofing plumbing in the event that heat is  not going to be restored.
  • Moving personal property out of the building if it is at risk by being left in the building.

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