Why Mold is a Problem

Obviously mold is not something that anyone wants, but just what makes it a problem? Decomposes building materials Affects appearance Stains and visible growth Unpleasant musty odor Health effects Allergies Toxins can cause cancer and other illnesses Infections Cause poor indoor air quality If you have any additional questions about mold, please contact us.

Do’s and Don’ts When Water Strikes

Water is an essential part of many cleaning processes, but it can also be harmful. You can reduce the effect water damage can have on your home with prompt and wise action. Some procedures are obvious; others require foresight and experience. We’ve compiled a list of emergency tips from many years of experience in water damage …

Six Requirements for Mold Growth

Many people ask us, “Just what makes mold grow?” Most people think mold grows when there’s a water problem like a leak or flood. But there are actually 6 factors that must occur for mold to grow. Food Source Lack of Air Movement Mold Spores Temperature Lack of Light Water

Smoke Demystified

There are several different kinds of smoke, each which requires a different type of cleaning process. Here’s our handy guide to help you classify what type of smoke you’re dealing with. Smoke Classification There are two different types of smoke: driven smoke and free-floating smoke. Driven Smoke, also known as hot smoke, is pressurized and …

Do’s and Don’ts When a Fire Strikes!

After fire damage, it is natural to want to clean a building and its contents. Timely action can be a great help, but incorrect cleaning can jeopardize or seriously the restoration process. DO: Clean and protect chrome trim on kitchen appliances with a light coating of Vaseline or other oil Blow off or brush-vacuum loose smoke particles …